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Quality Used Vehicles no longer have to cost you the earth thanks to some of the best Used Vehicle Prices and Promotions at our Group 1 Renault Showrooms in Cape Town and Johannesburg. No matter what the model or make of vehicle you are searching for, we can help you. Our dedicated team of Used Vehicle Experts are always ready to help, and even if we don’t have the vehicle that you are looking for on this website we’ll gladly try and source it for you.

5 Tips to Remember When Buying a Used Vehicle

When buying a Used Vehicle from Group 1, or any other used car dealership, there are 5 important tips to remember.

  1. Think with your head and not your heart: We at Group 1 Renault would like you to drive away in the car of your dreams, but before you do so be sure that it is the Used Vehicle you need. A sports car might sound like a great idea, but if you have kids is it practical?
  2. Buy a trusted mainstream brand: If you’re buying a new car then by all means splash out on an exotic car, but when purchasing a Used Vehicle it is good to remember that often there is no longer a warranty or service plan in place. Mainstream brands such as Renault, Nissan and Hyundai are therefore more cost effective to maintain, and parts are almost always more freely available when needed.
  3. Buy from a trusted source: It might seem obvious to most people, but there are still many fly-by-night Used Car Showrooms that are there simply to make a quick buck. We suggest that when purchasing a Used Vehicle you always deal only with a well established dealership. You’ll not only receive the best possible customer service, but if you need to service the vehicle later down the line they will still be there to assist you.
  4. A test drive is more than just a test drive: Don’t simply drive off when on a test drive! Turn on the ignition and listen to the engine. Walk around the car before shooting off down the road, and pay attention to what you hear, see and smell.
  5. Take a friend (or spouse) with you who knows a bit about cars: A second opinion will never hurt, and sometimes a person who is not there to purchase anything might just have a clearer perspective of any Used Vehicles you would like to buy.

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